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fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

i had sooooo much of an entry typed up, and now it's gone. fuck fuck fuck. reverting to points now.

-tested new mouthpiece in stage band, hurrah hurrah, all was well, it is mightly snazzy.
-go to ext. 2, ms hopkins calls me up for a talk, asks me if a)i think my story fits into the originality category, not because it's fanfiction, but because don't i think it's a little cliche "teenage angst"? ", i didn't write it like that...i don't think so, anyway...." and then b)if i had perhaps written it as a spoof.
A FUCKING SPOOF. my heart and soul has become a parody.
needless to say, i was a little offended.
-head off to stage band, and, after listening to some dizzy gilespy, get told that we might call it off for today, because a year 7 has been killed. walk outside and get told that she was actually found yesterday by some bushwalkers, murdered and raped by her uncle, who was found with her. feel incredibly sick and it seems so wrong. she was only what, 11, 12, at the most? all the year 7s are so upset, some of them go home, as well as some of the older people...what a waste, seriously.
-go to art, spend most of it out in the courtyard "spraypainting", but actually talking to neena while my spraypainting dried about how incredibly wrong and weird it was (it felt like there was a huge cloud hanging over the school, so incredibly oppressively sad), and about things that shouldn't come in a can (omelette was top of our list).
-after lunch, head to extension, find out our assessment's been postponed for a fortnight because we're all too out of sorts to give a speech today, and some people have gone home, blah blah blah. end up cancelling the class for today.
-got to newtown with beck, rosa and camilla to get art supplies. end up going into egg records (cool punk stuff, kiss hairslides, joy division badges, cool posters, etc.), used and abused (let it just be said that camilla bought a lab coat. ahem.), a cafe for coffee and a chat and st vinnies besides going to our original destination, art on king. bought nearly $60 worth of art supplies, including some image printing paint for putting stuff on tshirts (dandys shirt here i come!) and far more cardboard than one person should suitably own. also scored a very dodgy denim shirt from the $1 pile at used and abused, and a shirt that says "consumer rock still sucks" from st vinnies for $3 (hooray for bargains). the guy at the 7-11 across the road thought i was mad eftposing one pack of gum, but i needed money and there was no atm nearby...ahh well.
-walk back up to station, meet rosa at station, nab some red licorice off her, go and catch train home, discman works for whole trip (**cheers discman on heartily**), reach home, take off shirt, go and lie on bed, promptly fall asleep.
-wake up at 5:30 and think "shit, where did the afternoon go?"
-must now slave feverishly over art assignment i have barely started which is due on thursday. buggery.
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