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this is a biggie...

ahem. an announcement.

as of late, this journal has become a little ratty around the edges. the formatting is completely screwed on so many levels it's like a maze of knitting i'm hopelessly trying to unpick. the writing within is similar.

thus, i am slowly moving house. you can now find me at forpixelssake, at least some of the time. so go over, make yourself a comment, and chances are i'll add you, especially if you're on my old friends list (so far i only have imeldablade and absurdities added, the rest of you will need to make your need to hear my crap known in a comment). this journal is staying where it is, mainly because, y'know, there's some funny shiznit in it, and also because all of the communities i'm in are on here, and only one or 2 are getting moved over.

so, yes. this is me right now, then.

xx nat
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