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sorry. there are bananas in the kitchen calling my name. "make ridiculously long titled bread with us, nat!" they cry. "write in me!" calls my new ext. 2 book (the back cover fell off my thom yorke adorned one today...seems i'll have to start using the very hard covered black one now). and the bloody coleridge speech is not getting donw. how is it that i'v been editing other people's for much of the afternoon, but my own is just not coming???

nat converses with muses part whatever:
"are you going to leave us kissing forever?"
"no, just until coleridge is written."
"**simultaneously kick coleridge in ploy for attention**"
"well...maybe i can bake first..."
"that's the spirit! then write more, hey?"
"yeah, we're getting a little desperate here!"
"now's when you shut up."

i'm morphing into john fowles, i swear.

remind me, if i ever have such a horrible lapse of memory again, that i don't like mcdonalds. or their very unchickeny chicken nuggets. although they were forced to give me a 50 cent discount, because i didn't have the money, haha.

am going to marry the new discman. is fantastic. plays every cd with a wonderous finesse the other one did not possess. hooray.
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