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Another Girl, Another Planet

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natalie who is not anyone else
21 March
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director: a higher power of some sort
script writer, set designer, stunt co ordinator, costume designer: nat, aka angelicboredom
sarcastic support comments: nell, aka absurdities
director of photography and rarely sensible comments: beck, aka imeldablade
royal analyst: maddie, aka ildgeesethatfly
keeper of the shag bands and other props: bananah, aka lexenia

(if you want a mention, or thing you deserve a title, tell me and i'll put you in.)

a quick quiz:
favourite sonic youth song: "teenage riot" or "kool thing"
most hated thing about school: most people in the years below me (i'm a bit bitter, i think)
worst phobias/fears: watching people having their hair cut, trashing stuff that doesn't need trashing.
beverage quirk: will only drink cherry coke, not normal coke, and i have 3 and a half sugars in my tea/coffee. exactly.
favourite joke band: king missile. totally. particularly "cheesecake truck" and "detachable penis".
planned career: having the lovechildren of various rockstars. true, childrearing, but mmm, kinky rockstar sex. heh.

[icons] are takeable, at least the ones that i made, as long as you credit me in the keywords.
[backgrounds, other pictures] are mine, since i edited or took most of them unless otherwise stated, so i'd appreciate you not taking them unless you ask.
[friendage] is all fine and dandy, you don't have ask for permission or anything. just expect to be friended back if you're interesting. and maybe you should note that i post a lot, so you'll have a lot of shite up there.

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