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it's a big day peoples...

i deleted so many pictures off my computer it's just not funny. my dad's been nagging me to clean out my photos folder for ages, so tonight, fed up with the mp3 player's refusal to be recognised by the computer (and after being told that it might have something to do with how we have very little space left on our hard disc...), i burnt four cds worth of photos and then deleted the folders (while flinching at what i'd just got rid of). so, was it worth it? the answer to this: no, not as such. mp3 player will still not work, although i did notice that when i put "welcome to the monkey house" in the computer afterwards, the intro thingy was actually running at a reasonable pace. as in, it looked like a video, as opposed to some sort of weird, stuttery slide show, which is what i usually get. so, i'm hopeful.

so, today we have learnt: nat will still have to lug her discman and cds around, at least until the father thing can either fix the silly mp3 player or take it back to the store, OR until we get a new computer. which could be a while. also, that white peaches are of the good.

many thankies to all of you for the pictures, cards, icons, messages, etc. attached to the last post, i felt very loved **kissies** also, to maddie, for the wonderful umbrella and pencil, which kept everyone who saw it bemused and amused through several classes. hoorah.
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