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happy birthday to me...

today's happiness making gifts:

-"the bell jar" by sylvia plath
-the yeah yeah yeahs, "fever to tell"
-the von bondies, "pawn shoppe heart"
-a perfect circle, "thirteenth step"
-some glittery pens
-a cookbook (a hint, it seems)
-more lotr jewellery
-"the existential cowboy's last stand" (from kate)
-a portable mp3 player
-"pirates of the caribbean" on dvd

oh, and i bought myself some badges from egg records, joy division and the pixies.

and yes, we now own a dvd player. how awesome like a crayon.

kate and i went out for vegetarian yum cha and then gelato in newtown, twas very nice, even with the vendetta we started against the people at the next table for stealing our dumplings ("those were OURS, you ganets!").

and i spent this morning reading my first legitimate slash (i'm actually allowed to read nc-17 stuff now, hooray for that), which made it all the sweeter, just so you know **dirty grin**
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