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since when is napping a crime?

my dad caught me having a nap today, and he was like "WHY aren't you working??". huh, i was falling alseep over my props list. so sue me, i felt like lying on my bed and reading for a while. and yeah...i...umm, fell asleep. oops.

the discman report: i took it back to harvey norman today, and they gave me A BRAND NEW ONE!!! so incredibly stoked, go you harvey norman man, go! (milla, it has a new "LOVE YOU SO MU" sticker on it!!)

after gaining new discman, went into hmv and looked for cds for fatehr to give to various people for presents, and mother asks "do you want a cd for your birthday?" hmmm...i don't like to look a gift horse in the mouth, so why not, says i, and i end up getting a perfect circle and the von bondies (hooray!). the girls at the counter see my placebo shirt and badges and ask me how the concert was, end up giving them a full run down, and there is much happiness and understanding.

speaking of....

-get home from my little law breaking spate (i thought buying water with the smokes was a nice touch...), quickly have shower and go for smoke on balcony. just as i'm putting it out, kate drives up with her mum. scramble to hide smoke and self, she doesn't notice (i hope). kate steals many of my shag bands, sanah comes and picks us up, off we go.
-listen to sleeping with ghosts and discuss passions in the car.
-arrive at the horden, decide it's time for dinner, as there's no line to speak of, just people sitting around.
-have my first (and last) subway experience...damn, there's too many choices!! it confused me, and it wasn't THAT great...just weird.
-go and sit around outside horden for a while, are joined by the girl sitting behind us in our game of eye spy and then in general phone numbers and emails, she promises to send me pics of the concert (as i'd forgotten my camera), and all was well.
-went inside, bought badges (5 for $10, hooray), then went into concert itself.
let's just say the concert was great. elbow were better than i'd expected, kinda like dashboard meets apc. and...yes. placebo=of the good. highlights included:
-stef's dirty dancing with his guitar, and later at the beginning of "taste in men", his crazy tripped out dancing in the middle of the stage...guuuh, the man is a sex god.
-generally most of the songs
-other things i can't remember
they didn't play "second sight" or "nancy boy", which i was hoping for, but yes, twas still of the good, even if i had to sit down for the first half because i was so hot and cramped in that i was about to pass out or throw up, and therefore was standing on the side, fairly far back for much of it.

things i could have done without:
-the girl behind me who kept turning around and shoving me into the back of the guy in front of me
-the people around me in the seats who were not clapping (guys, come on. why botehr coming if you're not going to get into it?)
-the lecture from kate about smoking i got on the way back up from the horden...look, i don't smoke a huge amount, or even regularly, and it's really my choice in the long run, so i don't appreciate being given a pe lesson on it.

for those of you too lazy to read it, it was good. hoorah.
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