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someone call an exorcist...

my cursor's possessed.

no, like, really. it bounces all over the screen at random moments and highlights things, moves menus, clicks links, etc. it's really creepy.

let's all hope the test of the dylon image fixer (or whatever it was called) on the $8 tshirt was successful (not only because hey, cool new dandys shirt for nat, but also because i can then make other shiznit with it. hurrah). i'm not sure i did it right; it's quite possible i didn't put enough paste on nietzsche, so he migth do something weird. eek. oh wll, $8 tshirt, it's not too much of a loss.

must remember to bring small digi to placebo tomorrow...mine is very hard to hide, and last time i only brought the aps one, which has crap zoom like woah. but this time, the will be much photoage. expect piccys ladies and jellybeans.

feel ridiculously nervous about having to buy smokes tomorrow...i'm such a bad liar, and i'm so worried they're going to question me, and i'll just break down and be like "YES!! YES, I AM TRYING TO BREAK THE LAW!!! **sobs** please don't hurt me..."

am going to go and finish making up the zine copies i made today right about now...considering selling what very few i have tomorrow at int. day, but i'm thinking it's quite possible the school won't let me. hello, i'd make about what, 50 cents at most out of them? hardly a monopoly over the english cafe, i'd say.
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