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2 down, 3 to go

have now handed in stupid art thing that has resulted in me getting about 4 hours sleep today, if that. pah. although today i did actually achieve that unachievable goal...i started my major work! yes, somebody actually has, it seems, even if it was just sticking about 10 pieces of cardboard together and then onto one of my bigger bits of cardboard...anything's a start, right?

the discman of doom will no longer recognise that a cd is in there. i tried 2 different dandys cds, at the drive in and placebo, and none of them worked. **cries** i need music!!

spent drama lesson explaining who jules and court were to ms st louis, which seemed to amuse melissa and kristel (especially when ms st louis says "oh...courtney's a guy? i thought it was a girl!"...after i showed her a bit where it specifically make a comment about how people always think it's a girls name, blah blah blah, oh well)

my brain's stopped working. like, seriously. i'm just on autopilot today, and it's not a particularly nice sensation. anyone who speaks to me, it's just like "whaa?"

eee, placebo tomorrow! i'm starting to get excited now, finally.

ms page, the library lady and a group of year 10s are discussing the ins and outs of the plotline of home and away. in a serious manner. ohhhh deary me.

**panics** no watch, no watch!! **bites nails anxiously** i HATE not having a watch, it makes me so antsy!!

**drops head on keyboard and sleeps**

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