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oh, accursed art assignment...

somebody tell me why i did art again? oh right, because i get to spend periods messing around with cardboard pretending i'm doing something useful. but then...urgh, stupid definitions for stupid words i'll never use. seriously, who has ever used the word Sfumato for anything other than maybe once in an art essay? it's stupid. pah.

can i just say, i really love Ravel? i went to a sydney symph concert tonight, and they were doing his Pavane and Bolero, which are 2 of my favourite pieces ever. especially bolero. it's incredible...the whole piece is just one huge cresendo, using what, 2, 3 different musical phrases. amazing stuff. also, the conductor got the trombones to stand up at the end, which i thought was great.

hamlet=the first ever emo kid. fo shizzle. if he was alive now, he'd be listening to dashboard, posting angsty pictures of himself on his lj and possibly cutting himself. uh huh.

i get the feeling my art major work involves way too much cardboard. just as maddies involves a scarily large amount of charles and camilla pictures...are we an odd year? possibly...
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