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natalie who is not anyone else

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this is a biggie... [24 Mar 2004|09:52pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

ahem. an announcement.

as of late, this journal has become a little ratty around the edges. the formatting is completely screwed on so many levels it's like a maze of knitting i'm hopelessly trying to unpick. the writing within is similar.

thus, i am slowly moving house. you can now find me at forpixelssake, at least some of the time. so go over, make yourself a comment, and chances are i'll add you, especially if you're on my old friends list (so far i only have imeldablade and absurdities added, the rest of you will need to make your need to hear my crap known in a comment). this journal is staying where it is, mainly because, y'know, there's some funny shiznit in it, and also because all of the communities i'm in are on here, and only one or 2 are getting moved over.

so, yes. this is me right now, then.

xx nat

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oh of course... [24 Mar 2004|06:58pm]
[ mood | **dirty grin** ]

I am . . . "SHOWER SEX"

Quiz by William Ted

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let me just say... [24 Mar 2004|05:20pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

i love it that the music dept has internet on their computers. it means i can do my procrastination now instead of at home, which in turn means i can write my art essay, and my drama essay when i get home. plus, i get a lift home! can't say fairer than that, really.

my speech was about EIGHT AND A HALF MINUTES. jesus.

note to everyone: if you were ever considering it, a rock musical based on "the rime of the ancient mariner" is not an advisable idea. plus, the guy we saw today's already got that one covered. very badly, like a really dodgy version of tenacious d. blahhh.

magnetic poetry of today:
-alas melancholy codpieceous
-thou est a wanton saucy friend
-vulgar lady tempt & torment thee full poison bosom (courtesy of gracie)

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[24 Mar 2004|12:42am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

kubla khan...seriously, it's so incredibly sexual fantasy-esque. there's even an orgasm of sorts in teh middle.

stupid drug addled coleridge and his wet dreams that he inflicts on us in poetry form...

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it would appear i'm screwed, on several levels [23 Mar 2004|10:05pm]
[ mood | codpieceous ]

art. i am dead, like woah. apparently they have to have heard of your examples. like there are well known art works for all of those things without reusing one or two!! pah.
english. i am going to be so overtime it's just not funny. i nearly have a page, and i'm not even through talking about labyrinth yet. also, it's starting to sound like an art speech on escher. bugger.
also, the cursor is really getting annoying.
although, happily (especially for you, nell), i bought some shakespeare magnetic poetry. one of the words is "codpiece"!! and you can put "ous" on the end, therefore having "codpieceous". **falls on floor laughing**

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ok, forget the discman [23 Mar 2004|06:26pm]
[ mood | in love ]

the latest batch of "baking with court" jamaican banana bread is my new fiance. **groans** is ridiculously good. i could seriously eat the whole loaf now, while it's warm and slightly spongey.

i've noticed a whole lot of my posts are about baking. i must try to find another topic of postage.

le cursor is still possessed, damn thing. **ducks as cursor swoops erractically**

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WHY MUST YOU TAUNT ME???? [23 Mar 2004|03:28pm]
[ mood | off to bake ]

sorry. there are bananas in the kitchen calling my name. "make ridiculously long titled bread with us, nat!" they cry. "write in me!" calls my new ext. 2 book (the back cover fell off my thom yorke adorned one today...seems i'll have to start using the very hard covered black one now). and the bloody coleridge speech is not getting donw. how is it that i'v been editing other people's for much of the afternoon, but my own is just not coming???

nat converses with muses part whatever:
"are you going to leave us kissing forever?"
"no, just until coleridge is written."
"**simultaneously kick coleridge in ploy for attention**"
"well...maybe i can bake first..."
"that's the spirit! then write more, hey?"
"yeah, we're getting a little desperate here!"
"now's when you shut up."

i'm morphing into john fowles, i swear.

remind me, if i ever have such a horrible lapse of memory again, that i don't like mcdonalds. or their very unchickeny chicken nuggets. although they were forced to give me a 50 cent discount, because i didn't have the money, haha.

am going to marry the new discman. is fantastic. plays every cd with a wonderous finesse the other one did not possess. hooray.

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such a dork am i... [23 Mar 2004|03:16pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

am 67.7%
You Beat Me?

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it's a big day peoples... [23 Mar 2004|12:12am]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

i deleted so many pictures off my computer it's just not funny. my dad's been nagging me to clean out my photos folder for ages, so tonight, fed up with the mp3 player's refusal to be recognised by the computer (and after being told that it might have something to do with how we have very little space left on our hard disc...), i burnt four cds worth of photos and then deleted the folders (while flinching at what i'd just got rid of). so, was it worth it? the answer to this: no, not as such. mp3 player will still not work, although i did notice that when i put "welcome to the monkey house" in the computer afterwards, the intro thingy was actually running at a reasonable pace. as in, it looked like a video, as opposed to some sort of weird, stuttery slide show, which is what i usually get. so, i'm hopeful.

so, today we have learnt: nat will still have to lug her discman and cds around, at least until the father thing can either fix the silly mp3 player or take it back to the store, OR until we get a new computer. which could be a while. also, that white peaches are of the good.

many thankies to all of you for the pictures, cards, icons, messages, etc. attached to the last post, i felt very loved **kissies** also, to maddie, for the wonderful umbrella and pencil, which kept everyone who saw it bemused and amused through several classes. hoorah.

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happy birthday to me... [21 Mar 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | birthday-esque ]

today's happiness making gifts:

-"the bell jar" by sylvia plath
-the yeah yeah yeahs, "fever to tell"
-the von bondies, "pawn shoppe heart"
-a perfect circle, "thirteenth step"
-some glittery pens
-a cookbook (a hint, it seems)
-more lotr jewellery
-"the existential cowboy's last stand" (from kate)
-a portable mp3 player
-"pirates of the caribbean" on dvd

oh, and i bought myself some badges from egg records, joy division and the pixies.

and yes, we now own a dvd player. how awesome like a crayon.

kate and i went out for vegetarian yum cha and then gelato in newtown, twas very nice, even with the vendetta we started against the people at the next table for stealing our dumplings ("those were OURS, you ganets!").

and i spent this morning reading my first legitimate slash (i'm actually allowed to read nc-17 stuff now, hooray for that), which made it all the sweeter, just so you know **dirty grin**

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since when is napping a crime? [20 Mar 2004|07:03pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

my dad caught me having a nap today, and he was like "WHY aren't you working??". huh, i was falling alseep over my props list. so sue me, i felt like lying on my bed and reading for a while. and yeah...i...umm, fell asleep. oops.

the discman report: i took it back to harvey norman today, and they gave me A BRAND NEW ONE!!! so incredibly stoked, go you harvey norman man, go! (milla, it has a new "LOVE YOU SO MU" sticker on it!!)

after gaining new discman, went into hmv and looked for cds for fatehr to give to various people for presents, and mother asks "do you want a cd for your birthday?" hmmm...i don't like to look a gift horse in the mouth, so why not, says i, and i end up getting a perfect circle and the von bondies (hooray!). the girls at the counter see my placebo shirt and badges and ask me how the concert was, end up giving them a full run down, and there is much happiness and understanding.

speaking of....

the placebo concert...cut texted for your convinienceCollapse )

for those of you too lazy to read it, it was good. hoorah.

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well, that's a relief... [18 Mar 2004|09:53pm]
It looks as though you're just a little Fudged in the Head
'Fudged in the Head' PLEASE VOTE!!!

What Type of Lunatic are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
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someone call an exorcist... [18 Mar 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | still half asleep ]

my cursor's possessed.

no, like, really. it bounces all over the screen at random moments and highlights things, moves menus, clicks links, etc. it's really creepy.

let's all hope the test of the dylon image fixer (or whatever it was called) on the $8 tshirt was successful (not only because hey, cool new dandys shirt for nat, but also because i can then make other shiznit with it. hurrah). i'm not sure i did it right; it's quite possible i didn't put enough paste on nietzsche, so he migth do something weird. eek. oh wll, $8 tshirt, it's not too much of a loss.

must remember to bring small digi to placebo tomorrow...mine is very hard to hide, and last time i only brought the aps one, which has crap zoom like woah. but this time, the will be much photoage. expect piccys ladies and jellybeans.

feel ridiculously nervous about having to buy smokes tomorrow...i'm such a bad liar, and i'm so worried they're going to question me, and i'll just break down and be like "YES!! YES, I AM TRYING TO BREAK THE LAW!!! **sobs** please don't hurt me..."

am going to go and finish making up the zine copies i made today right about now...considering selling what very few i have tomorrow at int. day, but i'm thinking it's quite possible the school won't let me. hello, i'd make about what, 50 cents at most out of them? hardly a monopoly over the english cafe, i'd say.

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2 down, 3 to go [18 Mar 2004|12:20pm]
[ mood | braindead ]

have now handed in stupid art thing that has resulted in me getting about 4 hours sleep today, if that. pah. although today i did actually achieve that unachievable goal...i started my major work! yes, somebody actually has, it seems, even if it was just sticking about 10 pieces of cardboard together and then onto one of my bigger bits of cardboard...anything's a start, right?

the discman of doom will no longer recognise that a cd is in there. i tried 2 different dandys cds, at the drive in and placebo, and none of them worked. **cries** i need music!!

spent drama lesson explaining who jules and court were to ms st louis, which seemed to amuse melissa and kristel (especially when ms st louis says "oh...courtney's a guy? i thought it was a girl!"...after i showed her a bit where it specifically make a comment about how people always think it's a girls name, blah blah blah, oh well)

my brain's stopped working. like, seriously. i'm just on autopilot today, and it's not a particularly nice sensation. anyone who speaks to me, it's just like "whaa?"

eee, placebo tomorrow! i'm starting to get excited now, finally.

ms page, the library lady and a group of year 10s are discussing the ins and outs of the plotline of home and away. in a serious manner. ohhhh deary me.

**panics** no watch, no watch!! **bites nails anxiously** i HATE not having a watch, it makes me so antsy!!

**drops head on keyboard and sleeps**

gfg mtgytg tttttttyj gt myjejwr5tjknnnnnnnnnnnnn

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woah... [18 Mar 2004|02:01am]
[ mood | tripped out ]

escher is trippy at the best of times. try looking at it when you're wearing reading glasses (dizzy making anyway), while being extremely tired and having been focused on text for about 2 hours straight.

it's kinda cool.

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i didn't feel so bad once i read the other of a bad lot, i say! [17 Mar 2004|11:51pm]
you are an indie asshole. some of your music is
good but for the most part, its awful. you
think you are better than everyone. someone
could shit on a guitar and you would call it
art. get a life you prick.

what kind of asshole scene kid are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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oh, accursed art assignment... [17 Mar 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | arty farty (aka wankerish) ]

somebody tell me why i did art again? oh right, because i get to spend periods messing around with cardboard pretending i'm doing something useful. but then...urgh, stupid definitions for stupid words i'll never use. seriously, who has ever used the word Sfumato for anything other than maybe once in an art essay? it's stupid. pah.

can i just say, i really love Ravel? i went to a sydney symph concert tonight, and they were doing his Pavane and Bolero, which are 2 of my favourite pieces ever. especially bolero. it's incredible...the whole piece is just one huge cresendo, using what, 2, 3 different musical phrases. amazing stuff. also, the conductor got the trombones to stand up at the end, which i thought was great.

hamlet=the first ever emo kid. fo shizzle. if he was alive now, he'd be listening to dashboard, posting angsty pictures of himself on his lj and possibly cutting himself. uh huh.

i get the feeling my art major work involves way too much cardboard. just as maddies involves a scarily large amount of charles and camilla pictures...are we an odd year? possibly...

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[16 Mar 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | teenage angsty ]

my email no open. poo.
have resorted to crude, nonsensical sentences. not good.
feel like crying. also not good.
don't even feel like using the angsty mood to get some writing done. which is crap.
/"cliche teenage angst"...grrrr.

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haiku update: [16 Mar 2004|09:08pm]
[ mood | haikuey ]

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:angelicboredom
Your haiku:old one had also
i don't because then i'd have
a class now and that
Created by Grahame
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fuck fuck fuckity fuck. [16 Mar 2004|06:45pm]
[ mood | so gone. ]

i had sooooo much of an entry typed up, and now it's gone. fuck fuck fuck. reverting to points now.

-tested new mouthpiece in stage band, hurrah hurrah, all was well, it is mightly snazzy.
-go to ext. 2, ms hopkins calls me up for a talk, asks me if a)i think my story fits into the originality category, not because it's fanfiction, but because don't i think it's a little cliche "teenage angst"? ", i didn't write it like that...i don't think so, anyway...." and then b)if i had perhaps written it as a spoof.
A FUCKING SPOOF. my heart and soul has become a parody.
needless to say, i was a little offended.
-head off to stage band, and, after listening to some dizzy gilespy, get told that we might call it off for today, because a year 7 has been killed. walk outside and get told that she was actually found yesterday by some bushwalkers, murdered and raped by her uncle, who was found with her. feel incredibly sick and it seems so wrong. she was only what, 11, 12, at the most? all the year 7s are so upset, some of them go home, as well as some of the older people...what a waste, seriously.
-go to art, spend most of it out in the courtyard "spraypainting", but actually talking to neena while my spraypainting dried about how incredibly wrong and weird it was (it felt like there was a huge cloud hanging over the school, so incredibly oppressively sad), and about things that shouldn't come in a can (omelette was top of our list).
-after lunch, head to extension, find out our assessment's been postponed for a fortnight because we're all too out of sorts to give a speech today, and some people have gone home, blah blah blah. end up cancelling the class for today.
-got to newtown with beck, rosa and camilla to get art supplies. end up going into egg records (cool punk stuff, kiss hairslides, joy division badges, cool posters, etc.), used and abused (let it just be said that camilla bought a lab coat. ahem.), a cafe for coffee and a chat and st vinnies besides going to our original destination, art on king. bought nearly $60 worth of art supplies, including some image printing paint for putting stuff on tshirts (dandys shirt here i come!) and far more cardboard than one person should suitably own. also scored a very dodgy denim shirt from the $1 pile at used and abused, and a shirt that says "consumer rock still sucks" from st vinnies for $3 (hooray for bargains). the guy at the 7-11 across the road thought i was mad eftposing one pack of gum, but i needed money and there was no atm nearby...ahh well.
-walk back up to station, meet rosa at station, nab some red licorice off her, go and catch train home, discman works for whole trip (**cheers discman on heartily**), reach home, take off shirt, go and lie on bed, promptly fall asleep.
-wake up at 5:30 and think "shit, where did the afternoon go?"
-must now slave feverishly over art assignment i have barely started which is due on thursday. buggery.

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